Did They Work For You? Here's Some Of The Worst Video Games Ever!

Looking at some of the worst video games ever, quite a few spring to mind at lexis-games.com. Well, one has the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified (PS Vita), Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox 360, PlayStation3), then there's also Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis (Xbox, GameCube), and Catfight (PC). No, not the catfight between Batman and Superman for the top of the bottom ratings, yet still they are another two that could also be encapsulated in such a distinguished Game Hall of Shame.

There have also now been a multitude of video game slot machinescreated on a variety of different systems, so it is pretty obvious that when assessing the worst video games ever, there are bound to be some on each system that one's played, whatever they may be. It could be an old arcade game, maybe one played on the PC, maybe an old console, maybe one on one of the range of newer consoles; it's all part of trying to find an outstanding entertainment source.

Not every gaming experience can be as good as the Legend of Zelda, so totally uncharted & breath-taking and at the time a true one of a kind, nor even as compulsive as playing the majority of Call of Duty games.

It seems so as to counter the good stuff for each Grand Theft Auto game that emerges, some bright spark creates a weirded out 50 cent copycat version, just like a favorite rock song that has been decimated by some new pop idol, leaving an entire shambles in their wake.

Well going back to the 1980's Pac-Man ruled. Well at least in the arcade arena. Dang, one would be lucky if they could tear someone off the machine if they were there first. Enter the Atari 2600, an opportunity to now play at home, brilliant idea yes? Nope, with port issues only one ghost would be visible on the screen as a result of frame rate issues and the graphics were reduced. Welcome to the ultimate frustration in gaming history, without doubt one of the worst home video games ever!