Secrets on How to earn Cash Playing Video Games

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Playing Video Games For Money - this is basically a dream come true for everyone at However, although it may be one of the most enticing plan for many, not all would have the courage to jump into this market and try their luck and skills in order to earn cash playing games. Still, in a world where the internet has become more pronounced than ever where earning cash through online means have become more available to people, there's no denying it that there's no better time to try out earning cash by playing games than today.

Regardless if you're a student, unemployed, an employed individual or someone who's running your own business - you could certainly try and step into the video game market and try to play video games for money. It's something that could be for everyone and not to mention, you'd also have numerous options when it comes to how you could earn your money through these games. Our site is here to give you some ideas on how you could start to earn cash playing games in our current generation.

Game Testing

There's no doubt that anyone out there would have always dreamt of playing games ahead of everyone. The job that would definitely allow you to experience the game before everyone else, is by becoming a video game testing professional or employee. The job description of a game tester is basically something that you could already get from its name alone. It means that you would have to test games and detect bugs or problems throughout the platform, which would allow game developers to perfect the game before it gets launched into the shelves.

However, not many may be that thrilled with the job of a game tester, not just because it comes with quite a paltry sum of money to earn but also due to the fact that some companies focus more on fixing bugs rather than allowing players to have fun or test whether a game is fun or not. Still, this doesn't diminish the fact that you basically get first access to games which is still something to be proud of.

eSports Tournaments

Do you consider yourself quite a professional in games? Are you extremely good at certain games, especially those with competitiveness at its core? If you do, then eSports tournaments are definitely your thing. There are eSports tournaments that could happen within your local area, your country or even the global platform while video games are streamed live over the internet. Of course, as the crowd gets bigger, the difficulty of getting into the top gets harder and harder. Still, if you pass through the professional quality and even join a professional team, you'll see that this is one of the most profitable ways of playing games for the catch.

Streaming Videos

Without a doubt, becoming a gamer who showcases video games through Youtube platform or other streaming website is also one of the most profitable ways to earn money playing video games. Basically, you'll get income through advertisements provided on your videos and as more and more people watch your videos, the more income or cash flow you'll be able to welcome as well. However, this is more difficult than it may seem as it is something that needs time and even skills. When pertaining to skills, this refers to skills on playing the games and at the same time skills in providing commentary throughout the gameplay. The more engaging you are when you comment throughout the games, the more chances that you'll be able to reach greater heights in the video game streaming industry.

Online Casino Games

Aside from video games in the form of fighting games, multiplayer games and other games you could play on consoles or computer, there are also online casino games that many gamers definitely enjoy playing. This could be in the form of table games, card games or even online video slots games. These cash money games would surely be profitable if you have luck but of course, there are also those wherein your skills would greatly matter like poker and other card games.


To Play Video Games For money or earn cash playing games is undeniably one of the biggest dream of game lovers since day one and this definitely includes you if you are a game lover as well. The difference today though, is that it is actually more plausible to earn money through games today, and it would surely be best for you to try your skills and luck in this platform. It may end up becoming a bit more difficult for you at first, regardless if you're planning to become a game tester, a game streamer, a professional gamer or a gambler. If you decide for online gambling, then we must warn you to always look up for legal online casino sites. In that way, you will miss major fraud with the casino promotions and bonuses, and you will be secured with a guaranteed payout. To kick things off, we have found the best start for you - check out the best Swiss online casino sites at However, one thing for certain is that after the rough waters at first, you'll stand a chance to get a highly profitable source of income.