Defunct French Game Developer, Lexis Numerique

After a 24 year long career of publishing video games and being lauded as one of the most creative publishers in the field, Lexis Games, also known as Lexis Numerique, disappeared from the scene in 2014. Lexis Games' imaginative take on entertainment for a variety of platforms wasn't enough to keep Lexis Games in business, a sad fate for a company running since the early days of the industry in 1990.

After forming in France and working with top name publishers such as Ubisoft, DreamCatcher Interactive (now Nordic Games), and more on top of completely self-made properties, Lexis Games ended their run of innovative games and diverse ability. From virtual pet type games such as Horsez, children's learning games like Learning With The PooYoos, Lexis Numerique showed the ability to appeal to younger generations. With more mature games such as the puzzle/detective title Red Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All and the survival horror/adventure The Experiment, Lexis Numerique showed off the versatility that only a talented team can pull off successfully.

Despite the wide range of genres that Lexis Numerique were able to work in, Lexis Games may be an example of trying to reach too far and do too much. Lexis Games were able to product software for a great deal of platforms such as PC and Mac, Sony's PlayStation 2 and 3, Microsoft's XBOX 360, and Nintendo's Wii, WiiU, DS and DSi, as well as web based games developed in partnership with McDonald's to promote Happy Meals.

While there were no smash hit successes in Lexis Games' long history of creating varied and interesting content for all ages, Lexis Games managed to sell more than 9 million units but now their games are all but forgotten or relegated to bargain bins. Beyond listings of their games and the odd scrap of information here and there, the Lexis Games' memory seems to have gone the same way with their social media scrubbed or abandoned and a site that has gone without an update for quite some time.